7 Steps to Owning Your New Home

Imagine no phone trees or confusing red tape. Imagine picking up the phone and talking to a real person. Imagine a one-on-one relationship with a trusted advisor who walks you through the process and keeps you informed every step of the way. It’s not wishful thinking—it’s how Guardian Mortgage works.

Step 1: Start
This is the start of a long friendship. Pre-Qualification jump-starts the loan process and gives you the likely assurance of a mortgage before you start looking for a home. We’ll verify your ability to repay the loan and provide the cash needed to close. We do this by taking an application and reviewing supporting documents for income, assets, and credit history. Once Pre-Qualified, you’ll have the peace of mind to house hunt within a comfortable price range. Plus, sellers will have the assurance of your ability to pay – the next best thing to an all-cash buyer and sometimes helpful in getting your offer accepted.

Step 2: Shop
The best way to navigate the road to home ownership is with a trusted mortgage professional and a trusted real estate agent by your side. Meet with your real estate agent to locate a home that suits your budget and wish list. If you don’t have an agent, get recommendations from friends, family, and co-workers. Real estate professionals are essential in helping you with negotiating and contracts, not to mention often providing vision and a reality check when it comes to searching for the perfect home.   Mortgage Road Map Image

Step 3: Appraise
Guardian Mortgage will work behind the scenes to order an appraisal from a certified real estate appraiser and set the next several next steps into motion. The appraisal is a standard report within the mortgage industry that details the characteristics and estimated value of a property at a specific point in time. Appraisals are only valid for a set period of time and describe the home’s condition, age, square footage, neighborhood, and sales prices of comparable nearby homes, among other things.

Step 4: Inspect
Inspections are often helpful and many times required when buying a home. An inspection report will detail the home’s condition and bring awareness to possible safety issues. Your real estate agent may use the inspection results report to help negotiate the terms of the contract.

Step 5: Agreement
You’re almost there! Finalize the negotiations based on the outcomes of the appraisal and inspections. Your Guardian Mortgage team will be working hard to make sure all the required paperwork is collected and verified, ensuring that the property is safe and sound for your family.

Step 6: Close
You’ll receive an approved HUD-1 Settlement Statement 24 to 48 hours before closing. It’s exciting to become the legal owner of the home. You’ll meet with a title company representative and a Guardian Mortgage representative to sign all of the necessary forms and make copies of the mortgage loan documentation. A cashier’s check or wired funds are sent to the title company to fund the loan. Congratulations! You are a homeowner!

Step 7: Move In
Now the long-term relationship begins. Sit back and relax as we take care of the administrative aspects of your loan. Just continue to make timely payments on your mortgage and we handle all the other details like maintaining accurate records of the loan balance, collecting escrow funds to pay property taxes and insurance, sending you the yearly tax and interest statement (1098 Statement), and much more. We’re real. We’re personal. Forget “call banks” and temps using a script. If you have a question, give us a call. A real mortgage professional will answer.