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When the loan stays, so do customers.  We service 98% of our loans in-house — making borrowers happy and loan originators even happier.  Customers are for life.  They refer friends and family.  And, they come back generation after generation.


How you, too, can build generations of clients

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Servicing our own loans means less paperwork.  This makes closing a positive experience and leads to an enhanced level of satisfaction.



By selling loans directly to Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie we are free from most underwriting overlays.  Guardian Mortgage means friction-free underwriting.




Loan servicing requires patience, skill, and a strong capital position.  But since it yields more return on each loan over time, it also secures better pricing for you and your clients.




A company who services loans is required to send a statement to each customer every month.  If your company sells the servicing, they are essentially giving your customers to another lending company, and possibly another lender.  With Guardian Mortgage, there is only you.  Each client receives a monthly statement with your name, phone number, and email address.  You are the point of contact.




In a fast-advancing world of technology, data is a valuable asset.  But we aren’t interested in selling your customers’ data to anyone else.  We analyze it for the benefit of our ongoing servicing relationship — identifying opportunities for refinances or notifying you when their home is listed. Just a few more ways we put customers first and enhance the positive mortgage experience.




Only the servicing company can modify the terms of a closed loan to change the monthly payment.  We have that authority — which means we can help many customers benefit without having to refinance.  Quite simply, Guardian Mortgage is committed to the best service in the business…from day one until the day it’s done.