test imageWhen you join our team, be prepared to win.  From a comprehensive onboarding process to ongoing support, our proven sales strategies help you not just survive but succeed.  We give you the plan and tools you need to thrive with intentionality and predictability.  We help originators build worthy and productive referral relationships that lead to a database of loyal clients.  At Guardian Mortgage, your livelihood isn’t luck — we make it our priority.

Immersion and Adoption

Our multi-day training program jumpstarts your origination career at Guardian Mortgage.  Our onboarding process reduces downtime and immediately brings you into our close-knit group of professionals.  You’re an important part of the team from the beginning.
“Hats off to the entire GMC team! I unfortunately have been around the block with lenders over the past 5 years so have done several on boardings to be able to compare. GMC is head and shoulders above anyone else I have done this with. This is ‘the cat’s meow’ experience so far.” — Pat N.
“This methodical system, using real people to walk you through our advanced technology and processes will create the foundation for your success and reduce transition downtime.” – Marcus M.

Multi-State Lending

Our platform allows loan originators to achieve and grow beyond their previous limits. This includes realizing your true potential and expanding your previous borrower and relationship boundaries. Our multi-state bank-owned model allows you to grow your business beyond your current reach, following clients as they move to new markets, supporting generations of borrowers no matter where they reside, and capturing multi-state relationships through relocation companies and large residential brokerages. State map PDF.

state map