tech testBest-In-Class Tech Tools

We believe there is no substitute for personal engagement with your circle of influence, relationship partners, referral sources, and borrowers. We strive to provide tech tools that compliment your relationships and maintenance, allowing you to remain top of mind while investing your time where it generates the greatest returns. These industry leading tools include:

  • Encompass 360 and LO Connect. Industry-leading LOS with mobile optimized LO access.
  • Blend. Guided online application workflow, with secure bank data integration, that results in improved satisfaction and conversion.
  • Optimal Blue. Industry leading comprehensive product and pricing engine
  • XtremeMortgageWorX . Mortgage-specific CRM built upon the proven platform.
  • MobileMapp. Customizable mobile app focused on increasing prospect and referral source engagement.
  • OSI Express. Easy, accurate, and compliant online mortgage marketing tools and flyers.
  • MobilityRE. Online mortgage market intelligence to customize your real estate agent engagement to develop new relationship or top-grade existing partners.

Origination with Intention

We use XtremeMortgageWorX, a leading provider of cloud-based automation marketing and sales software, designed for the mortgage lending and banking industry.  It was created by a loan originator for loan originators.  XtremeMortgageWorX gives you a competitive edge by driving successful internal processes, strengthening accountability, automating critical customer communications and sales procedures to improve productivity and conversion rates.  It puts reporting, marketing, ROI, process management, and more at your fingertips.  It’s more than a utility, it’s a proven methodology for growing your business.


“I can only imagine the amount of time and energy you must spend in order to orchestra the class filled with so much information. Sarah and I truly appreciated the experience and the ability to meet those incredible department heads plus learn about the workflow processes implemented within Guardian Mortgage. Rhett’s vision to create such a robust CRM will be recognized by my total funded volume in months to come. I am so excited to know how this application will truly change my life. I look forward to learning the most proficient methods utilizing the Xtreme application system.” — Jason B.


Easy reporting tools help you know where you stand.  A constant flow of data and reporting tools help you monitor and track your progress at a glance. 


This ready-to-use marketing platform spans traditional and modern marketing methods.  It keeps you in front of prospects and partners as well as current and past clients.  


We help cut down on email overload by storing relevant information and communications on our Intranet.  You can even follow certain topics to keep up with the latest changes. 

ROI Measurement

You need data to drive decisions.  Our system offers a powerful method for determining ROI.  Analyze the performance of every process, function, and position — both good and bad.  Calculate the cost of loans that didn’t close and measure variables that affect the bottom line.

Process Management

Manufacturing loans is no different than manufacturing widgets on an assembly line.  You'll get instant feedback against metrics and benchmarks so that you'll know exactly where to focus your energy.


Single Point of Entry                                                                                                                          

Your smartphone or tablet is all you need to stay on top of things.  Cloud access for tasks, calendar events, and contacts is all in one system that follows you anywhere and interfaces with other systems.  Conduct business confidently from any location.