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Whether you’re looking for great people in the support team, an outstanding corporate culture, or a supportive and engaging leadership team, Guardian Mortgage is ready for you!

Guardian Mortgage has been serving generations of borrowers since 1965. Our approach to the business of residential mortgage is one of integrity, honesty and what is right for the needs of each borrower. We provide our loan originators with the resources they need to be successful, proven best practices and focused educational opportunities for continuous improvement. The following are just a few reasons why we are a good fit for you.

1.  Our Vision is Focused on a Compelling Borrower Experience

Our vision is to become the mortgage lender in our markets providing the most compelling mortgage experience for borrowers. This means exceeding expectations from the first call to closing. Therefore, your borrowers and other parties involved in each transaction will be highly motivated to refer their friends, family members and coworkers.
2. Our Brand is Known for Integrity, Stability and Professionalism

Since 1965, we have financed residential homes exceptionally well. Our proven approach, business model and processes have allowed us to grow by referral only for nearly half a century and develop a brand known for integrity, stability and professionalism. This brand opens doors and adds credibility for our loan originators.
3. Our Production Team is Committed to Sales Excellence

We are a sales-driven company. A culture of collaboration and mentorship thrives with the production staff… where entrepreneurism is welcomed to provide continuous improvement. Each member of the production staff is dedicated to improving the borrower’s mortgage experience and committed to the referral model of business development, so there is no need to micro-manage your loan file.
4. We Want Your Time Focused on Productivity and Professionalism

Identifying, developing and enhancing new mortgage opportunities are your focus, and ours. Your production team will handle the rest of the loan process the way you like it to be handled. Production Partners, Operations Support (OS) colleagues, marketing support and a dedicated team of experienced disclosure professionals, underwriters and closers are all focused on elevating the borrower experience to result in more referrals.
5. Our Business Development Model is Based on Strategy and Personal Accountability

We develop process-oriented systems for business development, including annual business plans that highlight daily, weekly and monthly activities. These simple disciplines repeated daily result in origination success. The small wins, not just large goals, are celebrated and accountability is provided by coworkers and management to keep you focused and motivated to reach your goals.
6. We Focus on Retained Servicing, Maintaining Borrower Relationships

Borrowers closing with Guardian Mortgage have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Guardian will most likely be the only mortgage company involved in this loan for the duration of the term. Our servicing retained model provides a diversified revenue stream for financial stability, aggressive pricing and capital to invest in improved technology resources, additional staff and processes.
7. We Are a Direct Seller to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae with a Robust Set of Portfolio Loan Products

We sell directly to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae and private investors. This provides you with stability and reliability in the loan programs and underwriting requirements. In addition, this business model allows for direct underwriter access before and after credit review, competitive pricing and quick turn-times. To complement these agency loans, we have developed a comprehensive set of Portfolio Products to ensure we can address the needs of creditworthy borrowers using provide credit underwriting standards.
8. In-House Appraisal System and Appraisal Experts Ensure Quality and Removes Stress

We have an in-house appraisal management system to accompany our Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) to provide the most prompt and accurate appraisals in all of our markets. In addition, we employ appraisal experts with years of appraising experience, who are focused on quality, timeliness, and assisting loan originators with questions and contested appraisals.
9. We Employ Efficient Systems to Improve Productivity and Enable Success

You have access to an award-winning customer relationship management system to professionally manage clients’ loans after the sale. We understand what gets measured is what gets results. To this end, we utilize the mortgage industry’s leading business intelligence software that will enhance your productivity by analyzing your performance, measuring your productivity, and benchmarking your referral sources.
10. We Have a Marketing Team Committed to Elevate Your Brand

Our in-house marketing team helps formulate and create effective marketing materials using your ideas and their collective experience in mortgage marketing. These resources include direct mail and email campaigns targeting your client database, prospects and referral partners. The focus is marketing each transaction, mining your database and contacts, and strategic development of your business.
11. Our Social Media Strategy Compliments Your Origination Efforts

Our marketing team helps you get up and running on social media in compliant ways to extend your reach. Daily rate updates and a variety of social media postings targeting past customers, prospects and referral sources are posted for you. With a minimal investment to read and retweet, like or share these posts, you build an effective and professional social media brand.
12. We Respect the Contribution of Our Employees
Guardian Mortgage is focused on growth in existing and new markets, while retaining our “family” feel and culture. We recognize the need to understand the “why” behind your personal motivation and establish a balance between your professional and personal life. Therefore, vision boards and personal goals are discussed, recognized and championed by management.