Caitlin Service


For Caitlin Service, a career in mortgage lending revolves around forging strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and the community. She delivers personalized mortgage solutions and financial advice tailored to each customer's unique needs. 

“I focus on long-term relationships by offering transparency, honest communication, and expert education on our mortgage options, terms, and fees, empowering clients to make confident financial decisions,” Caitlin shares. 

A firm believer in making time for what matters, Caitlin ensures customers have easy access to her, her team, and vital resources. She strives to understand each customer’s needs, providing quick and accurate responses to all questions and concerns. 

Outside of work, Caitlin loves traveling and making memories with her family. She's also an avid cook, reader, and movie enthusiast. 

Down Payment Assistance Programs from Guardian Mortgage

Guardian Mortgage is pleased to offer our customers several Down Payment Assistance options. Visit my portal to find the resources that are right for you.