Charles Joyner

Charles Joyner epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit, thriving on the pursuit of success—a passion fully realized within the dynamic realm of the mortgage industry. Following a nine-year tenure in the Army where he served as a Staff Sergeant in the Infantry, Charles ventured into the automotive industry, where his role as an automotive sales manager honed his expertise in deal structures and finance. This invaluable experience served as a springboard, propelling him toward his ultimate aspiration: a flourishing career in the mortgage industry. 
Driven by an unwavering commitment to customer service, Charles provides the utmost value to his clients. "I've consistently navigated the most challenging situations in sales to ensure customers receive genuine, unparalleled service," says Charles. 
He brings his passion for connecting with individuals to each of his client engagements. His personalized approach aims not only to comprehend clients’ financial aspirations but also to foster a deep understanding of their individual goals in homeownership. Charles continues to keep his connection with military personnel by remembering what it means to serve and ensuring that his military personnel are protected and educated during the home buying process.
Charles is an avid Motorsports enthusiast. When he’s not working, he’s likely enjoying everything involved with the sport. 


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