Macy Wiles


Housing is in Macy Wiles' DNA. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in carpentry and real estate, Macy learned the ropes early on—constructing homes, revamping spaces and mastering real estate strategies. Now, as a seasoned Mortgage Loan Originator, Macy seamlessly blends his extensive background in construction, real estate, mortgage and marketing to empower clients with comprehensive insights into the housing industry. 

“Over the years, I’ve blended my experience and knowledge, and honed my skills to help my clients maximize their mortgage needs with ease,” says Macy. “I love teaching and learning new things daily. Helping people helps me. It’s my desire to not only help my clients with their current needs but to become their point of contact for future loans and be a helpful friend.” 

A part of the housing industry since 1996, Macy’s vast knowledge and appetite to learn more help him guide clients through market fluctuations. He continually expands his skill set, ensuring he wields the most effective tools for his clients' benefit. 

When not at work, Macy leads an active life. Whether lifting weights, dominating on the basketball court or diving into the pool at his local YMCA, he embraces a vibrant lifestyle. His passion for construction has remained unwavering since adolescence, and he often spends his leisure time crafting decks and fences. 


Down Payment Assistance Programs from Guardian Mortgage

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