Damon Mercer

Damon Mercer

As a tenured professional in the mortgage industry, Damon attributes success to his excellent customer service skills and always keeping the needs of his client first. Offering a diverse group of funding sources enables Damon to custom tailor the mortgage solution which best fit’s his client’s profile and long term financial objectives. Lending is no longer a “one size fits all” industry and Damon’s detailed approach to selecting the “best” product, provides his clients substantial savings over the life of the loan.

Damon has dedicated the past 18 plus years of his career to being a mortgage loan officer. With many years of knowledge in the business, Damon possesses the unique ability to understand the complete overview of the transaction by including a reliable, accurate estimate of the settlement costs, and effectively sets true expectations for your mortgage experience.

As a top producer, Damon consistently receives referrals and repeat business from former clients, as well as from an extremely loyal following of Realtors. He is proud to be able to provide the type of dependable service that all his customers depend upon to “to simply get the job done with no last minute surprises.”

Damon’s business encompasses a full array of borrowers and price ranges, and receives the most gratification in helping to educate the First Time Buyer. He spends extra time in going over all of the important details including tax benefits for owning a home, and how those benefits can put that to immediate use. By always going the extra yard providing information like this to his clients it can make a huge difference in the borrower’s perspective of their “comfort” or payment level to be expected and/or budgeted for as a new home owner, which sets him apart from others in the business and says a lot about his caring nature with each and every client he comes in contact with.   

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