Sohayl Saboori

With more than two decades of experience in the mortgage loan industry, Sohayl Saboori understands the importance a team plays in helping clients realize their dreams of homeownership.  

He’s worked as a loan officer assistant, funding assistant, junior underwriter, loan officer, and over the last decade a sales manager. He credits his background not only for providing a deep understanding of the mortgage loan process but for an understanding of all of the hands that go into securing a mortgage. 

“Our team has worked closely together for well over 10 years,” says Sohayl. “We’ve created a culture that all of us would like to be part of. It’s like working with family. We support one another while taking care of our clients and referral partners.” 

Clients appreciate Sohayl’s ability to help them navigate the home financing process and craft a mortgage solution that best fits their specific needs. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing our first home or your 10th home, refinancing an existing mortgage, or consolidating debt,” says Sohayl. “Each of these mortgages is slightly different because of the client you are helping work through the process. I’m here to make it as straightforward as possible.” 

When he is not working, Sohayl enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons. You’ll find him coaching youth sports, playing golf, or traveling with his family. 

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