The ABCs of Homeowners Insurance

There are several universal truths about homeowners insurance that will help you navigate the buying process. Knowing the ABCs of home insurance will go a long way in finding the right policy for your needs. We’re here to help.

Your Lease is Expiring – Should You Rent or Buy?

If you’re a renter, you might find yourself considering whether you should buy a home instead – especially when your lease is about to expire. But it’s not always as simple as paying rent versus paying a mortgage. When you’re thinking about making the leap to homeownership, consider some of the factors that might come into play…

6 Neighborhood Traits To Consider When Purchasing a Home

There are many things to consider during the homebuying process. Finding the right neighborhood to meet your needs is an important piece of any homebuying decision. Don’t let neighborhood-fit fall to the back of your mind. Use the following guide to help you determine where you’d like to live.

Date Night at Home: Your Guide to a Memorable Valentine’s Day

As we near February 14, preparations for Valentine’s Day are underway. Whether it’s pandemic-, money-, or schedule-related, many people will opt for at-home Valentine’s Day celebrations this year. We’re here to help you make meaningful memories at home with your loved one.

What Should I Do if My Mortgage Application Is Denied?

Having your mortgage application denied can be crushing. You’ve done all the hard work and found a home you want to live in … and now you’ve been told it’s not possible. What next?

Credit Reports and Credit Scores: A Basic Primer

Financial institutions that lend money and provide credit utilize credit reports and credit scores to make lending and credit decisions. Consumers often have questions about credit reports and credit scores. This basic guide is intended to clarify some of the mysteries that surround these topics.