Divorce and Your Home, What Happens Next?

There’s no way around it, divorce is complex. After building a life together, you and your spouse are working to build lives apart sometimes amicably, sometimes contentiously. On top of a mountain of difficult emotions and conversations taking place, the act and aftermath of dividing assets add to an already intense amount of stress.

5 Tips To Create a Home That Promotes Mental Health

While many people are not able to work from home based on their job requirements or office policies, the growing number of individuals interested in remote work means an increased number of people will spend more time at home than anywhere else.

New Year’s Resolution Success: Achieve Your 2022 Home Goals

As the calendar turns to a new year, resolutions on self-improvement launch to the forefront of our minds. If your 2022 goals include home maintenance, home improvement, or movement, we’ve got you covered.

Get Fit In the New Year With a Home Gym

In 2021 the most popular New Year’s resolution was “doing more exercise or improving my fitness.” With so many people starting the year out strong with new resolutions to improve their bodies and their health, gyms can get overcrowded. A home gym can be a great alternative for those looking for less competition for prime equipment and a quieter exercise environment.

Three Hot Trends in Today’s Real Estate Market

Whether you are buying, selling, or remodeling, knowing what’s hot in real estate trends can help you make the best decisions for your home. Real estate trends constantly ebb and flow, but it’s important to know what’s trending during these key milestones on your homeownership journey.

A Day in the Life of an MLO

When you apply for a mortgage or other home loan with Guardian Mortgage, your Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) serves as your primary point of contact in the process. For this article, multiple MLOs provided details regarding typical days in their lives, so you can better understand how they spend their time.