Rhonda Beck


At Guardian Mortgage, we do things differently than other home lenders. We believe that communication is key, so whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, or a seasoned homeowner looking to refinance, we make sure to walk you through every step of the process. We offer a variety of loan options from conventional, to government, to everything in between. Our comprehensive suite of lending options allows us to find you a product that best suits your financial needs.

We value your business, and you are definitely not just a number to us. We show this by servicing your loan from beginning to end – we don’t close a loan and pass off our clients to a third-party. In fact, Guardian keeps most loans in-house to completion. This person-to-person approach makes an impact.

Ready to get started? Contact me today! Creating possibility for our customers and putting them in their dream homes is what we do.

Down Payment Assistance Programs from Guardian Mortgage

Guardian Mortgage is pleased to offer our customers several Down Payment Assistance options. Visit my portal to find the resources that are right for you.


My Customers Have Spoken:

5 Star Rating
The constant support & communication I received was amazing.
February 19, 2024
5 Star Rating
She cares about her clients and is accessible, responsible and transparent. I've been working with her since 2013. I've used her to buy three houses and have been very satisfied with each purchase. Highly recommend Rhonda!!
December 20, 2023
5 Star Rating
Rhonda was such a pleasure to work with. She made the home buying process quick and easy! As a first time home buyer, this kind of purchase can be scary and intimidating. However, Rhonda has so much knowledge in her profession I felt at ease during the entire thing. I will definitely be referring friends and family to her.
December 05, 2023
5 Star Rating
Rhonda is very professional in the loan area, her working process is pretty fast and efficient. Good communication. Loan released very fast. Good Service.
December 03, 2023
5 Star Rating
You will not find a more hard working and trusted loan officer. I have used Rhonda in many transactions, both personal and business. I recommend Rhonda to all that are looking for a great loan officer.
December 01, 2023
5 Star Rating
Rhonda is always my first point of contact for all home lending questions. She is always informative, honest, and goes out of her way to assist. She is responsive and has great follow through. I highly recommend using her for purchasing or refinancing, especially for unique circumstances.
November 11, 2023
5 Star Rating
Rhonda was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made the loan completion process quick and painless. Especially for a new home buyer, it was great to have her expertise.
November 09, 2023
5 Star Rating
Rhonda is many things: personable, professional, knowledgeable and she has a really cool first name (think Beach Boys!) However, none of these traits are measurable. What is measurable are the many activities that occur between the start and finish of a loan. Timing is always critical and my particular situation increased the importance. The best thing I can say is that I closed on my existing home in the San Francisco Bay Area late one afternoon and picked-up the keys to my new home in Medford the very next day. No Gap...a smooth segue from old to new. I'll probably never need a home loan again, but if I ever meet someone who does, I can tell them with a high level of confidence that they Need to get in touch with Rhonda, Anything else would be foolish. Thanks Rhonda and to use a phrase from the younger generation, You Da' BOMB!
June 22, 2019
5 Star Rating
The ONLY person I call when I want to buy a home! My 1st home purchased from out of state, smooth and fast escrow! Now my 2nd home purchase she worked so patiently with me, made another miracle happen closing escrow in March. She is amazing and wants to make your dreams come true! I will call her again for my 3rd house, one day...
June 18, 2019
5 Star Rating
Rhonda was extremely helpful! My family and I moved out of state and she was there through out the very stressful time. We had a lot of different things happen that were out of our control and she was there every time we needed her. The first house we were in the process of buying caught on fire after we had it appraised and inspected. We had to find another house and start the process over. Rhonda did a fast close on our house. We are so grateful that a friend recommended her to us.
June 18, 2019