3 Steps to Facilitate the Communication Between Your Buyer and the Lender

hands and squares

The buyer, the lender, and the real estate agent are like the three sides of a triangle— when they come together, there’s tremendous strength in the formation. And the surest way to make sure all the sides meet is through successful communication.


1. Don’t be afraid to delegate or defer.

As a real estate agent, you already wear many hats. Your job requires you to be the head of sales, marketing, counseling, and customer service. But if a client has a 40-page mortgage disclosure that they don’t understand, you may not have the time or specific knowledge to walk them through it step-by-step.

Delegating questions to the appropriate expert is a great way to set a precedent. In this example, it’s a way to answer the question, save time, and ensure that the client gets the best possible information. It might also sway the client towards directing future mortgage-related questions to the lender. And in the end, education is part of the MLO’s job and they are happy to do it.

2. Let the goal determine the communication method.

Keeping the contract moving along within a specific time frame is vital to a successful loan closing. When considering which method of communication you should use, work backward from the objective you want to achieve.

  • Email – Best for outlining multiple, specific steps; providing detailed instructions; Items that require a paper trail.
  • Text – Best for short, informational messages; items that do not require immediate response; quick items (not long paragraphs) that can be read on-the-go.
  • Phone – Best for clarifying texts or emails that have gone back-and-forth more than a few times without resolution; discussing delicate matters where tone of voice is important; items that require immediate feedback.

3. It’s all about the relationship.

In the end, the MLO and the real estate professional both have the same goal: to get the client to the closing table while providing a level of service that will result in future referrals. Guardian Mortgage provides transparent, automated communication to both the buyer and the real estate agent as the loan moves through each step of processing. It’s a great baseline for continued, client-centric communication. We respect the value of that relationship and know it matters to you, too.

When the mortgage lender and real estate agent tailor communication strategies to fit the client and the business objective, everyone is successful. Meeting the buyer’s needs doesn’t mean you have to take on everything yourself when you have a true mortgage partner.