Make Your House Feel Like Home for the Holidays

foot by fireplace

You just closed on your dream home. Or your first home. Or the home that’s perfect for this chapter of your life. No matter which home you find yourself in, closing this close to the holidays can feel extra stressful. But we have some tips on how to unpack and quickly get your new house feeling like home, while preparing for the holidays.

Start in the Kitchen

While pizza is easy and tempting during the unpacking process, nothing makes it feel like home quite like a home-cooked meal. We recommend unpacking the kitchen first. You’ll enjoy the benefit of being able to cook and it can make for a nice, temporary break room while you unpack the rest of the house. And when it comes time to prepare those favorite holiday meals and snacks, you don’t want to be faced with an unprepared kitchen.

Put Up the Lights

If you’re not completely unpacked inside, you may not be ready to decorate for the holidays. But you can always start outside with holiday lights. Whether you have enough lights to disrupt the power grid or you take a more subtle approach, having your house lit up for the holidays can spread some cheer. 

Take Care of the Kids

Moving can be a bit of a disruption for the kiddos. Sometimes it takes a little longer for them to adjust. This can be especially true around the holidays. So, get their rooms put together before you focus on the rest of the house. You can even find a fun holiday craft (popsicle stick snowmen, anyone?) to keep them busy while you unpack. This will help them feel at home more quickly. And you can put some simple holiday decor in their rooms to keep them excited about the most wonderful time of the year.

Set the Mood

The holiday mood, that is. Get some holiday-themed candles going throughout the house so it can start to smell like the season. And then turn up the volume on all of your favorite holiday tunes. If there’s room, and they’re unpacked, start putting out some simple holiday decorations. Start with a wreath or stockings. All of these little things can go a long ways to make it feel like the holidays.

Be Merry

Trying to get ready for the holidays while you’re settling into a new home is a lot to handle. But you’re home. And you’re with family. While it might be daunting, it is the most wonderful time of the year. So, remember, be merry and bright. And get excited about the new holiday memories you’ll create in your new home.