Kristin Fox - Success Story

Advancing Client Success and Community Impact at Guardian Mortgage

With a career spanning over two decades in the mortgage industry, Kristin Fox works to be an example of excellence and commitment to client success. She started as a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) in 2004 following a stint at FedEx. Since then, her passion for her profession and community has only grown.

After 18 years in the mortgage industry, Kristin decided to join Guardian Mortgage when her previous organization merged with Sunflower Bank. Guardian Mortgage is the home loan division of Sunflower Bank and provides all the benefits MLOs love in a boutique mortgage lender, with the backing and security of a community bank.

Transitioning seamlessly to Guardian Mortgage, Kristin discovered the unparalleled potential of the organization, fueled by the expansive capabilities of Sunflower Bank.

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The Power of Sunflower Bank

What truly captivates Kristin is the extensive range of products and services available through Guardian Mortgage, empowering her to confidently respond with "yes" to her borrowers in ways previously unattainable.

As part of Guardian Mortgage, Kristin’s clients get both the standard offerings found at most mortgage companies and an array of additional products provided by Sunflower Bank. These include private banking loans, specialized professional loans tailored to medical practitioners, and targeted incentives designed to support low-to-moderate-income borrowers. The comprehensive platform, filled with a diverse and expansive product portfolio is one Kristin comments she’s never seen at other lenders.

Endless Opportunities for Growth and Learning

Energized by the resources available, Kristin wholeheartedly seizes the opportunities for growth and learning offered by Guardian Mortgage. Hardworking, self-driven and competitive, Kristin firmly believes in personal and professional development.

“Despite being a 20-year veteran in the industry, I am growing and learning every day. Having the support of my team at Guardian to challenge me to continue growing and building my business means everything to me,” shared Kristin.

Kristin holds firm to the conviction that success stems from dedication and applying oneself. Beginning each day with a growth mindset serves as a guarantee for success, and she encourages others to adopt the same approach, aspiring to become better versions of themselves with each passing day.

Guardian Mortgage has been instrumental in Kristin's journey by providing tools and opportunities that nurture her personal and professional growth. From monthly “Coffee is for Closers” all-staff calls that share success stories to leadership’s presence across all organizational levels, Kristin is inspired by the unwavering support and encouragement she experiences.

The leadership team we have ultimately made my decision to join Guardian Mortgage,” said Kristin. “Our leadership is fantastic, especially at the regional level. They are always available. There isn’t a person you couldn’t call if needed, all the way to the top.”

Creating Possibility in the Community

From the top levels of leadership down, professionals at Guardian Mortgage are united by the organization's community-focused mission. Sunflower Bank’s mission statement, “Bringing out the best in the lives we touch…Creating Possibility,” hits home with Kristin. As a participating lender for numerous affordable housing programs in the Austin area, she finds immense fulfillment in leveraging her expertise to support low-to-moderate-income families.

One of the organizations Kristin often works with is Austin Habitat for Humanity. Connected to the organization’s CFO through Sunflower Bank’s Austin Commercial Lending team, Kristin developed a custom product to meet the non-profit's needs and now serves as one of only three local community lenders to support the organization. 

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These opportunities to forge connections and craft tailored solutions exemplify the advantages of working with a mortgage lender aligned with a community bank. Kristin values the collaborative environment that enables her to introduce clients to innovative products and services that address their unique requirements, a testament to the synergy between the teams at Guardian Mortgage and Sunflower Bank.

The Guardian Mortgage Advantage

In addition to the security and networking opportunities provided by Sunflower Bank, Kristin highlights several key benefits of Guardian Mortgage:

  • Smooth Closing Process: Kristin emphasizes the efficiency and speed of the closing process with Guardian Mortgage, describing it as "seamless and fast, every single time." She values the company's understanding of everyone's role in the mortgage process, noting that Guardian Mortgage promotes teamwork by providing LOAs (Loan Origination Assistants) to MLOs, enabling them to delegate tasks and focus on sales. This approach allows MLOs to streamline their workflow and maintain productivity.

  • Loan Servicing: Clients appreciate that Guardian Mortgage retains and services the majority of the loans funded, fostering long-term relationships between MLOs like Kristin and their clients. This commitment to servicing loans ensures continuity and stability for clients, who see their MLOs as trusted long-term partners and advisors.

  • Technology Tools: Kristin values the comprehensive suite of technology tools provided by Guardian Mortgage, including marketing support, a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, and a digital mortgage platform. She particularly relies on the CRM for managing high volumes of mortgage production, emphasizing its indispensable role in her daily operations.

With the support of a community bank, a dedicated leadership team, and efficient tools and processes, Kristin is enthusiastic about her future with Guardian Mortgage. For fellow MLOs with years of experience seeking to advance their careers by transitioning to a new mortgage lender, Kristin offers practical advice:

"Be patient with yourself and the process. Change can be challenging, but it fosters growth. It may take time to adapt, but the rewards are worth it."

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