Luke Baker - Success Story

From Greens to Guardian Mortgage: Luke Baker's Journey to Success in Spokane

It’s no secret that the mortgage loan industry is competitive. That doesn’t deter Luke Baker and his team from their goals. It spurs them forward. With a relentless drive to serve his clients, friendly demeanor, and the backing of Guardian Mortgage, Luke has solidified his position as one of the top mortgage loan professionals in the Spokane, WA area. 

Hard work and dedication have earned Luke a spot at Guardian Mortgage’s Sales Excellence Retreat, which is open only to individuals with the top mortgage sales, for two years running. He’s also secured his place in the 2021 and 2022 President’s Club, a prestigious group of mortgage loan originators (MLOs) with the highest total dollar origination volume and net contribution at Guardian Mortgage. Luke’s tenacity has served him well throughout his career, especially when he decided to leap into mortgage lending after 25 years in the golf industry. 

Luke Baker on golf course

Changing Career Paths Leads to Increased Fulfillment

The decision to change careers after spending years learning and succeeding in another profession is never easy. But for Luke, and many others, it’s the path to greater fulfillment... personally, professionally, and financially. At Guardian Mortgage, individuals from various backgrounds have found success in a second career. Guardian’s success stories include former teachers, veterans, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals, among others. Luke developed his extensive customer service skills on the golf course as a PGA pro and says his only regret is not joining the mortgage industry sooner.

Luke’s mentor and friend, Josh Martin, worked as the branch manager at a local Spokane bank and brought Luke onto his team as a loan originator. Shortly after Luke joined, Josh had the opportunity to move to Guardian Mortgage and asked Luke to come with him. He chose to do so, and as a newbie to the mortgage loan industry, Luke quickly found Guardian Mortgage provided the mentorship, leadership, and tools he needed to succeed in his second career. 

The Power of a Great Mentor and Leadership

Known for his dynamic personality and commitment to his team, Luke has always recognized the power of working with mentors and leaders who truly care about their team members. When reflecting on how he skyrocketed in his career in just five years, he attributes much of his success to good leadership, mentorship, and coaching. 

“Having people here that constructively push you is beneficial beyond belief,” says Luke. "You can’t get that mentorship and leadership everywhere. When people truly care for you and want you to succeed, you know that they’re doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. They want to help you get where you want to go instead of just pushing you because they want to make money. That’s what I like about the leadership and management that we have.” 

Luke now pays it forward from his mentors, helping the less experienced members of his team flourish. Whether providing coaching or being available to help with loans or life problems, Luke works every day to make sure his Guardian Mortgage family of colleagues is always taken care of. It’s all part of the culture Luke creates as the Mortgage Sales Manager at his office. It's a culture that thrives under the Guardian Mortgage umbrella.

Thriving in a People-First Culture

That people-first culture that Luke has created in his Spokane office aligns with Guardian Mortgage’s overall business culture. With an ever-present focus on working together as a team to be its clients’ lifetime mortgage provider, Guardian Mortgage has a culture of collaboration built around support, technology, and a relationship-first mentality. 

As the home loan division of Sunflower Bank, N.A., Guardian Mortgage provides its employees and customers with the benefits of an established community bank, paired with the culture of a boutique mortgage lender. Sunflower Bank’s mission statement is: “Bringing out the best in the lives we touch…Creating Possibility.” Staying true to these community bank roots, Guardian employees carry this mission into their work every day. 

Luke appreciates the benefits that he and his clients receive from being part of Sunflower Bank. That's why Luke considers Guardian Mortgage the best fit for his mortgage lending career and team. 

“Guardian Mortgage has all the tools that you could ever ask for, and I appreciate everybody’s help and all the mentorship and leadership that I get from working here,” Luke says. 

Building a Successful Career in the Mortgage Industry 

Luke believes that successful mortgage professionals are competitive and hardworking at their core. Those traits, he believes, are what make great loan originators.  

“If you are competitive, you’re going to set your goals high and not let yourself fail to reach those goals,” Luke explains. “And if you’re hard-working and diligent in putting in the time and effort, I think anybody can make it in this industry.” 

To build a successful career in the mortgage industry, Luke mentors his teammates to be relentless, confident, and have perseverance in the face of adversity. 

One of Luke’s favorite sayings is “be aggressively patient.” Work diligently and persistently toward objectives without becoming frustrated or impatient, even when setbacks arise, and success is bound to come. 

Luke Baker Volunteering with Spokane TeamLuke Baker volunteering with his team in Spokane, WA at Second Harvest.

Luke Baker winning award of excellenceLuke Baker (center), with Josh Martin, Director of Mortgage Sales (left) and Marcus McCue, Mortgage Strategy and Project Manager Director (right), receiving an Award of Excellence at the 2023 Sales Excellence Retreat. 

With Guardian Mortgage, Luke knows his customers are well taken care of because the bank always puts the customer first. He also has access to Guardian’s unique mortgage programs, allowing him to meet his customers’ needs with the best solutions possible. Since Guardian Mortgage originates loans in over 40 states, no matter where life takes his customers or what real estate dreams they may have, Luke is always well-equipped to fulfill their mortgage needs.  

From marketing support, to a powerful CRM, to a digital mortgage platform that unites the people, systems, and stages of the mortgage process into a seamless end-to-end solution, Luke has found the tools provided by Guardian Mortgage to be invaluable. 

Guardian Mortgage’s tools paired with his fortitude have helped Luke find success in the mortgage industry. 

With the right mindset and Guardian Mortgage’s solutions, success in the mortgage industry can come to anyone willing to forge their path as a mortgage lender. Those who enjoy educating customers, problem-solving to find the best mortgage solutions, and putting their clients and teammates first can flourish in a mortgage lending career. Luke knows this because he’s lived it himself. As he looks toward his future with Guardian Mortgage, Luke is excited about the possibilities in front of him and the opportunities to serve his team and clients. 

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