Down Payment Assistance Programs

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Down Payment Assistance

Our MLOs Will Help You Find the Down Payment Assistance Program That’s Right for You

Down payment assistance programs are designed to aid qualified borrowers who aren’t eligible for zero-down payment loans but may not have enough saved to cover their down payment. These programs are usually state sponsored, so programs and requirements vary by state.
Guardian Mortgage is committed to helping families in our communities attain affordable housing. Connect with a Guardian MLO to get started on your homeownership journey today!

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FAQ’s About Down Payment Assistance

Are Down Payment Assistance Programs Only for First-Time Homebuyers?

  • 38% of Down Payment Assistance programs do NOT have a first-time homebuyer requirement. Additionally, some programs allow buyers to regain their first-time status if they meet certain criteria. 


Is it Hard to Qualify for Down Payment Assistance Programs?

  • Not at all. Many buyers find that they have options for assistance. Since there are so many programs and opportunities out there, it can be hard for buyers to identify the programs that are most applicable to them. Use the free tool provided by Down Payment Resource to find what programs you are eligible for.


Will Receiving Down Payment Assistance Make Home Financing More Difficult?

  • Applying for down payment assistance requires additional paperwork, but it is very similar to other home financing paperwork. Ensure your lender is knowledgeable about the Down Payment Assistance programs in your area and can work with you to simplify the process.


Can Down Payment Assistance Only Be Used to Purchase Inexpensive Homes?

  • Many different types of homes can be eligible for Down Payment Assistance programs. Sales price limits can range from $200,000 to $900,000 across different programs.


Are DPA Programs Still Funded?

  • Throughout the United States, hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance are available to homebuyers in the forms of DPA programs, grants, tax credits, and more.


Is Down Payment Assistance Only Compatible with FHA Loans?

  • While DPA programs are commonly linked to FHA loans, there are programs that support other types of loans including VA, USDA, and some conventional as well.


Can Down Payment Assistance Dollars Be Forgiven?

  • While many DPA programs utilize silent seconds, deferred loans, and second mortgages to assist homeowners, almost half of all DPAs are partially or fully forgivable.

Guardian Mortgage is committed to helping families in our communities attain affordable housing. Down payment assistance programs are usually state-sponsored and are designed to aid qualified borrowers who may not have enough for a down payment or who don't qualify for zero-down payment loans. Programs and requirements vary by state. 

StateDown Payment Assistance Program 
ArizonaArizona Down Payment Assistance(Opens in a new window) 
Chenoa/CBC MortgageChenoa Fund/CBC Mortgage Agency(Opens in a new window) 
ColoradoColorado Housing and Finance Authority(Opens in a new window) 
CaliforniaCalifornia Housing Finance Agency(Opens in a new window) 
IdahoIdaho Housing and Finance Association
KansasKansas Down Payment Assistance 
MichiganMichigan State Housing Development Authority(Opens in a new window) 
New MexicoNew Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority(Opens in a new window) 
OregonOregon Flex Program
Austin, TXAHFC(Opens in a new window) 
WashingtonWashington State Housing Finance Commission

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