4 Essentials for Your Ideal Game Room

pool table

Whether you’re a gamer, board game player, card shark, or grandmaster, a dedicated game room can help take your play to the next level. Creating a room designed exclusively for fun and enjoyment, often with family and friends, holds a lot of appeal. It’s no wonder the game room is one household amenity growing in popularity.


If you’re looking to create a dedicated game room, we’re here to help. We’re sharing four recommendations to help you design the ideal game room for your household.


1. Plan your move.

Just like in chess, when designing your game room, you need to think ahead. What are your end goals? What do you want to do in your space? Which games will you play?


This is the fun part. Engage your whole family in the conversation and make a running list of all the games and activities you might want to include in your game room. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Pinball
  • Video games
  • Pool table
  • Arcade games
  • Ping Pong
  • Air Hockey
  • Foosball
  • Darts
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Shuffleboard

The possibilities are virtually endless. Lean into your inner child and create a space you’re going to enjoy. For more inspiration, check out Playing Spoiler’s list of 13 Popular Games for a Game Room.


2. Survey the playing field.

Not all rooms are made for all games. Are you planning to convert a bedroom, basement, or formal living room? Each comes with its own gaming opportunities. It’s important to know how the room impacts your options. This may be a bottleneck in your creative process, but it’s a necessary one. After you’ve made your list of potential game room activities, take note of your room and determine which gaming options are still on the table. Then narrow your list down from there.


For example, before you buy any fun and likely expensive equipment to trick out your game room, take measurements. The last thing you want is to purchase an expensive pool table just to find out there’s no room to hold the cues.


Additionally, make sure your room can handle the ideas you have. For example, unless you and all of your friends are aces at darts, you may need some type of wall protection.


3. Up the ante with your favorite refreshments.

Who doesn’t like a little game-time snack or drink? No game room is complete without refreshments. Whether you go as far as putting in a bar, or simply include a mini-fridge and snack basket, having your favorite munchies on hand adds another level of enjoyment to the room.


4. Select the best furniture for your gaming pursuits.


It’s easy to overlook furniture when you're in the heat of planning the games for your game room. However, furniture plays a big role in gameplay. Do you need gaming chairs for the video game players in your home? How about a poker table for those “friendly” games of poker with the guys? Or do you want a comfy spot for guests to relax while watching others play? Also, consider the idea of a theme for your room. A theme can help tie the whole room together, especially if you include various types of games for the different members of your household.


A game room is designed for fun, the process of creating it should be too. Think outside the box, enjoy time brainstorming as a family, and find joy in creating a space made for entertainment. Happy gaming!