A Day in the Life of an MLO

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When you apply for a mortgage or other home loan with Guardian Mortgage, your Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) serves as your primary point of contact in the process. For this article, multiple MLOs provided details regarding typical days in their lives, so you can better understand how they spend their time. While no two MLOs conduct their days in exactly the same manner, definite patterns emerged through their responses that could be viewed as best practices for consideration.

Early Mornings (prior to 10 a.m.)

Among MLOs who cited exercise as being a part of their lives, it was more common to cite exercise in the mornings on weekdays prior to starting the workday. The MLOs that cited morning exercise felt that exercising during that time helped them have more energy for the day, a better mood, and a greater sense of focus as they handled the tasks of the day.

Within the first hour of each workday, it is common for MLOs to respond to urgent email requests from a variety of sources, reviewing their daily appointment calendar and preparing for scheduled meetings later in the days, and working on tasks dictated by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Midday (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.)

Many of the scheduled meetings referred to earlier happen during this time. MLOs will often meet with loan processors, their assistants, or have other internal meetings during this time. Internal meetings cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to, changes in processes, new products, and sharing cross-selling opportunities.

Internal meetings are far from the only scheduled meetings for MLOs during midday. MLOs are constantly in contact with the outside world. There are often phone calls, text messages, and emails with external individuals. It’s common for an MLO to be communicating with real estate agents, current clients, new prospects/leads, past clients, and other referral sources. Closing dates, appraisal return dates, and any issues regarding either one of those things are often discussed.

Coffee meetings or lunch meetings with external individuals can also happen during this part of the day. These meetings most frequently happen with referral partners, new loan applicants, or existing customers.

Independent work on loan files needing attention often happen during this part of the day, as well as taking new loan applications, and attending closings.

Late Day (3 p.m. and beyond)

MLOs are often looking to finish up real estate agent or client calls during this time. They might also be reviewing their own marketing and other lead generation activities. One MLO mentioned having calls with new real estate agents in the local area during this time one day per week, to help answer questions and serve as a resource to them as they learn the role.

One MLO mentioned using Sunday night to review scheduled closings and remind themselves of appraisals due during the upcoming week.

MLOs mentioned the importance of work-life balance in their responses. MLOs with children strongly emphasized the importance of attending their children’s sports games or other kid-related events. Spending time with significant others was also a key consideration. Many MLOs have their own independent hobbies that they want to partake in, or friends they want to see.

As you’ve observed, MLOs lead busy lives, and despite their fast-paced schedules and multiple areas of responsibility, they tend to enjoy their line of work. This is because they often see how their work has a major impact on their clients’ lives – as the home loan is one of the most important parts of what is for many people the biggest purchase they ever make. That awareness gives MLOs the energy and enthusiasm to keep doing all the things they do.