Date Night at Home: Your Guide to a Memorable Valentine’s Day

a couple surrounded by candles

As we near February 14, preparations for Valentine’s Day are underway. Whether it’s pandemic-, money-, or schedule-related, many people will opt for at-home Valentine’s Day celebrations this year. We’re here to help you make meaningful memories at home with your loved one.


Set the Mood


You don’t have to go out to feel the love this Valentine’s Day. Your home can provide a wonderful backdrop for a great date night.


Take things up a notch by decorating your house for the occasion. What feels like you and your loved one? Candles, flowers, a favorite song playing? These can all help your home feel special.

If you live in a warm-weather climate, consider taking your date night outside. There is something magical about moonlight and candles or an outdoor fireplace. If it’s too cold to go outside in February, there’s always the possibility of an outdoor heater or a fire inside to warm things up.


The key is creating a space that’s just for you and your loved one. A space that shows your significant other you care.


Creating that space for just the two of you can be more challenging with children present in the household. If you have kids, consider getting a babysitter to spend time with the kids upstairs or in the basement. Even better, perhaps grandparents or other relatives can take the kiddos for a Valentine’s sleepover. If all else fails, start your celebration after the kids go to bed. You could even celebrate twice … once as a family and once just the two of you.


Plan the Details


With all the demands of day-to-day life pulling us in so many directions, it’s often difficult  to find time to focus on personal relationships.


So, show that special someone you care by planning all the details. Another idea … split planning responsibilities between the two of you. That way, you each have an opportunity to do something special for the other person. We’re sharing 10 at-home date night ideas to aid the planning process.


10 Date Night Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

  1. Dinner and a movie. With the prevalence of streaming services, this is one of the most viable options available. Order takeout/delivery from your favorite restaurant, or cook a meal together. Then settle in for a show. February brings an influx of rom-coms and Hallmark-style movies to Netflix and other streaming services. With so many options to choose from, you could go with a new release you haven't seen before, or watch that oldie-but-goodie you love for the tenth time.
  2. Let’s get cooking. Do you and your significant other like to cook together? Select a new recipe to try. You can also find an online cooking class and learn from an expert. CozyMeal offers a variety of cooking classes taught by professional chefs from the comfort of your own kitchen. Even Amazon has cooking class options with its new AmazonExplore platform.
  1. Choose your own adventure. Remember the choose your own adventure books from your youth? This spin-off date night lets you choose what happens next. Start by writing down date-night elements on separate pieces of paper. Be as specific as possible. For example: cook Italian and eat by candlelight, watch a rom-com on Netflix, draw each other’s portraits, etc. Then select elements at random during the night to piece together a great date.
  2. Book club. This one takes a little advance thought. Select a book you both will enjoy. Maybe it’s a new fiction novel or a book such as “The Five Love Languages,” that can enhance your relationship. Read the book in advance of Valentine’s Day and then discuss it over your favorite beverage and snacks/dessert.
  3. Home renovation. If you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the weekend, consider a home renovation day date. Working on a project together is a great way to build in time to talk and feel a sense of accomplishment at a job well done. Plus, you can knock off a home project that’s been sitting on your list.
  1. Game night. Who doesn’t love a good game night? Challenge your partner to a little friendly competition this Valentine’s Day. Looking for a game that’s great for couples? Check out this list of fun couples games from CNN underscored.
  1. Date box fun. Want to take the prep out of planning your date night? Consider ordering one of the many “date night in a box” sets available online. From crafts to cocktails, these date boxes deliver the necessities for a great night in. For 13 of the best boxes according to Good Housekeeping, check out this article.
  1. Memory lane. Take a walk down memory lane this Valentine’s Day by looking through photos or watching old home videos together. Fuzzy feelings are sure to surface as you recount favorite vacations, dates, your wedding, moments with the kids, etc.
  2. Class is in session. Is there something you and your significant other have been wanting to learn? Perhaps a new language. Or maybe you have a shared interest such as botany or painting. Take an online or in-person class together about the subject. You’ll not only learn something new but gain another common topic or activity to discuss and enjoy with your partner.
  1. Couples Spa. Hold a couples spa night at home. Fill the air with a relaxing scent and the sounds of nature. Depending on your preferences, you could take turns giving each other a massage, feel refreshed with a face mask, or simply sit together in a quiet, relaxing environment.

What makes any at-home date night special is the ability to focus on each other in a meaningful way. The speed of everyday life can make it easy to fall into conversations about what’s happening, how the day went, etc. These “check-in” conversations, while important, may not allow you to connect at a deeper level. Focus on intentional, meaningful conversations about how your significant other is doing and how you can support each other. These conversations will help strengthen your relationship while also creating a memorable date night.


No matter why you decide to stay home for Valentine’s Day this year, you can still make it special. With a little planning and the right intentions, you’ll have a Valentine’s Day to remember.