The Secret to A Successful Moving Day… Preparation!

stacking of boxes

Prepare for moving day with these seven moving day tips.

Moving into a new home can be equal parts exhilarating and stress-inducing. It is normal to feel overwhelmed in the process of packing up your old home and preparing your new one., But moving out of your old home doesn’t have to feel like a master's level mathematical equation. With proper planning and preparation, you can go into moving day knowing everything is in order and end your day with the essentials unpacked and at the ready. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

The key to a successful moving day is no doubt planning. Whether you’ve settled on a short closing period or have time between the acceptance of your offer and taking possession of your new home, start planning as soon as possible.

Consider preparing for your move before you even have an offer accepted. If you are actively searching for a new home or selling your current one, begin the process of decluttering. Not only will it help with moving day, but if you’re selling your home, it can help the home show better to prospective buyers.

In the days and weeks leading up to moving day, pack everything you won’t need until after the move. In doing so you’ll start to see what items are essential to your everyday life. See our tip below to ensure these must-haves are ready to go after moving.

For a week-by-week checklist of moving to-dos, check out our move planner.

Ask for Help.

You may be tempted to rely on friends and family to serve as your moving crew. If you lead a minimalist lifestyle or are downsizing, this might be okay. Otherwise, consider hiring professional movers.

Professional movers help take the stress out of moving day. Moving furniture up and down stairs is difficult and often dangerous. Leave it to the professionals to avoid the risk of injury to yourself or others.

Talk to a few reputable moving companies to get their availability and rates. Then, determine who you feel most comfortable using.

Once you’ve selected a moving company, avoid the temptation to involve yourself in every step of the process. Movers know what they are doing. Raise any concerns you have, but after you’ve established expectations with a trusted company, don’t be afraid to stay out of their way.

Pack an “open first” box.

Throughout your packing process, you’ve likely determined which items are essential. Pack these items in separate boxes, one for each room, and label the boxes “OPEN FIRST.” This trick can be a lifesaver.

Because you know everything you need is in one box, you have only one task to complete in each room before crashing from exhaustion. You can unpack the rest later after you’ve had a chance to rest and regroup.

Establish a labeling system.

Create a labeling system to help you and your movers know where boxes and bags belong, as well as what’s inside. Labeling each box with a room and high-level inventory list of included items can help speed up the moving process immensely.

You can purchase moving boxes from your local hardware store. Or employ reusable packing bags with straps or handles to help you carry many items without using a box.

Leave only necessary things behind.

When you leave your old home for the last time, there shouldn’t be much left. However, there are a few necessary things you should leave for the new owners. These items include:

  • Garage door opener(s)
  • Mail key(s)
  • Pool key, if you have a neighborhood pool
  • House keys

Ask your realtor if there are any other items you should leave behind. These can be placed on a kitchen counter or turned over to the buyer directly.

Before you close the door to your house for the last time, do a thorough sweep of all the rooms to ensure nothing has been left behind. Don’t forget to check the bathroom and kitchen cupboards, the garage, attic, and all the places where belongings might have been missed.

Ensure your equipment is secure.

Before pulling away from your old house, check all your equipment to ensure it is safe and secure. You don’t want your trailer to break while driving to your new home. Or something to fall out of your truck in transit.

Enjoy the excitement and possibility of your new home.

After everything has been moved in, and your “open first” boxes unpacked, take a moment to celebrate. You did it! You’ve survived moving day and are in your new home. Toast to your new house and all the memories you’ll make there.

Moving should be more exciting than stressful. With a solid plan, help and a lot of patience, you can have a successful moving day. For more information on home buying, contact your Guardian Mortgage professional.