Tips to Maximize the Sale of Your Home


The real estate market is as hot as ever, with more and more buyers eager to find a new home while taking advantage of historically low interest rates. And with low inventory, now could be a great time to sell if you’re ready for something new. Before you list, however, we’ve compiled some tips for home improvements to help maximize the sale of your home.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces are always an easy way to add curb appeal to your home. And we’re not talking about major makeovers, necessarily. Even a minor landscaping refresh can make a big difference toward increasing appeal. A few simple things you can do may include putting in a fire pit, applying fresh mulch, adding fresh plants or flowers, or doing a front door makeover to add a fresh pop of color. If you do want to go for a larger refresh to boost the selling price of your home, you could add an outdoor kitchen, or even a pool.

Create a Home Office or Gym

As most office workers spent much of 2020 working from home, and with many companies subsequently adopting hybrid working models moving forward, the home office has never been more attractive. On top of working from home, more people are working out from home too. So, if you have the space, incorporating a home gym into your home could add even more appeal to buyers in this market.

Separate Your Spaces and Add Storage

One thing we’ve learned in this new era of working from home, is that we’re spending more time than ever at home. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it does make it harder to feel like you have your own personal space. So, it’s a good idea to create some unique separate spaces in your home (room allowing, of course). One way to do this could involve turning an open room into separate rooms with a dividing wall or room divider. Adding barn doors or pocket doors in certain rooms or areas could help accomplish this as well. Along those same lines, more people are wanting more storage in their homes. Adding a pantry or closet organizers, or creating more storage space in your garage, could help meet those needs.

Spruce Up The Laundry Room and Kitchen

These days, between spending more time at home and being more concerned with cleanliness and hygiene, many of us are finding ourselves doing more laundry. Which means we’re spending more time in the laundry room – a space often neglected when it comes to keeping it show-ready. But with a little care and sprucing up, a modern, clean laundry room can have a lot of appeal in today’s market. The kitchen is also another room we’re spending even more time in, as many people are enjoying eating more meals at home. While kitchen upgrades can get expensive fast, there are simple things, like painting your cabinets or installing a new backsplash, that can give your kitchen a relatively quick and easy refresh.

Give Your In-Law Suite a Makeover

If your property has a guest house or an in-law suite, ensuring it is modern and updated can make it an attractive feature for buyers. As many things changed over the past year and a half, the way we live is starting to change, and subsequently more people are interested in larger homes – for reasons such as to house multi-generations of their family, or to capitalize on the opportunity to earn passive income through renting out extra rooms.

Make Essential Repairs

If you’re serious about selling your home, it’s a good idea to order your own inspection to get an idea of the condition of your home. This will also make you aware of any essential repairs needed that a buyer will likely ask for in negotiations.

Real estate is all the rage today. And while buyers are conceding more than usual, it’s still a good idea to make sure your home is in tip-top shape and looking its best before you list – especially if you want to sell fast. We’re confident if you follow some of the advice above then your home will be more attractive than ever.