What to Say When Clients Ask These Questions

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In real estate, you always want to be prepared with the best information for your clients. After all, you’re their most trusted guide in the complex yet rewarding journey that is buying a home. But what happens when a client drops a question on you that’s anything but routine?

Since the entire past year has been anything but routine, and filled with uncertainty, agents are understandably being asked questions they’re not normally used to getting. We’ve listed out examples of some of these questions, along with informed answers, to help you guide your clients through today’s competitive, less-than-routine market …

Am I better off waiting to buy?

The 2021 market has many buyers concerned, partly because they see rising prices and rates. Even though home prices have historically tended to gradually rise year-over-year, these recent spikes have happened quickly and unexpectedly – catching your buyers off guard, and causing many of them to question whether now is a good time to buy or not. Despite this hesitancy on the part of some, the fact is that the market is as actively competitive as ever, especially with the current decline in the number of available homes for sale. On the flip side of this overall situation, some good news for homebuyers is that interest rates have been at historic lows for much of the past year. But take note: interest rates are slowly creeping back up, and look like they will continue to do so.

Obviously, timing is perhaps more important than it’s been in a long while for today’s homebuyer – and while the ideal balance of all the factors might be more difficult to find, that doesn’t necessarily mean that waiting to buy is necessarily the best plan of action. Obviously, we aren’t suggesting your buyers should purchase a home they can’t afford; but we are saying that, for many, the dream of homeownership, even in today’s market conditions, may be more attainable than they think.

Is now a good time to sell?

The simple answer? Yes. But given the current state of the economy and real estate industry, the simple answer can get complicated in the details.

There are several reasons why now is a great time to sell. To start, as previously referred to, the housing inventory is currently at an all-time low. So with available houses at a premium, the average home is likely to sell quickly, and at a premium price – as the seller will likely have the advantage during negotiating to land a more favorable deal (However, the homeowner who enjoys the upper-hand while selling will also, in turn, likely pay a premium buying their next home as well).

We don't know for certain which direction rates will go over the next few months. But if they do continue to increase as expected, the demand for homes might begin to decrease – which could lead to lower sale prices. You may want to share this possibility with your clients when they ask if now is a good time to sell, as it might convince them to put their home on the market sooner rather than later, before rates push buyers away.

What if I can’t find a new home to buy?

This is a tough one – making it an important question to be prepared for, as it represents a significant opportunity for you to build trust with your clients. Most homeowners hoping to sell have one major concern – namely, “In this market, will I able to find a new home if I sell my current home?” Now more than ever, your clients want assurance that they are making the best choice for them and their families.

So use this opportunity to talk about your past successes with other clients, how you approach negotiations, and how you’ve helped folks working under tight timelines. Also, don’t forget to mention that, available homes may be in short supply right now, new build homes are a viable option as well.

You’re used to answering questions. It’s a staple of the job. But as this past year and the current market have taught us, things can stop being “routine” in what seems like an instant. Being prepared for questions like the ones above will give you peace of mind knowing you can confidently answer the tough questions your clients may have. And when you partner with our mortgage experts at Guardian Mortgage, you will receive access to a wide selection of loan products to best suit your