Boost Productivity With Apps

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Technology is great when it serves to promote the relationships that build your business. But technology evolves so quickly that it can be easy to miss great apps that might make everyday tasks a little easier. We invite you to check out tools that help improve workflow, save time, and make a difference in your daily life.

Schedule appointments more easily

Calendly (free and paid) is a scheduling tool that helps coordinate meetings and appointments. It works like this: You send invitees a link that lets them view your available meeting times. They select a spot and it’s automatically added to your calendar. It can also allow you to propose questions about the meeting such as, “What’s your number one goal in meeting with me today?” Features of the paid version include: coordinating up to six of your calendars, team scheduling, customized email invitations and confirmations, and SMS notifications and reminders. You can try all the paid features free for 14 days.

Take notes without paper

The Goodnotes app (paid, one-time fee less than $10) turns an iPad into digital paper. Use your stylus or finger to take handwritten notes on the iPad and the app will digitize them, allowing you to organize notes into a searchable repository. You can import files (such as PDFs) and annotate them, too. Organize the data into folders and files, and add images or typed text. It’s great for people who love to handwrite but who also want to be able to quickly search and reference all of their notes.

Connect with Us

Our Mortgage Mapp App (free) can be easily downloaded by using the specific link sent to you or your client by the Guardian Loan Originator.  It’s the perfect way to facilitate an open line of communication between the borrower and Guardian. Plus, it includes a mortgage calculator, pre-qualification tools, rate trends, mortgage news, and an easy way to contact the loan originator. If you or your client has questions about Mortgage Mapp, please contact the MLO for assistance.

Share notes across devices

The Evernote app (free and paid) has been around for over a decade. Its purpose is to serve as a single place for all your notes, ideas, reminders, and lists, no matter where they originated. You can record audio notes, take clips from webpages, organize screenshots, and create to-do lists. Paid features allow users to share documents across teams and companies, integrate with email, digitize business cards, and turn notes into presentations with one click.

Create high-quality scans with just a click on your phone

The Scanner Pro app (free and paid) is a business productivity app with thousands of positive reviews and Editor’s Choice app of Apple and numerous technology publication. Scanner Pro is a leading application for scanning and saving digital versions of paper documents. You can quickly scan high quality images of multi-page and single page documents like receipts, checks, agreements and you’re your mortgage loan supporting documents. This app includes text recognition (OCR), producing PDF and JPEG documents that can be uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, iCloud, OneNote or any other online storage location. Our clients use this app for sending copies of paper versions of paycheck stubs, W2s, bank statements and other documents necessary to complete the loan application and approval process with password protection.

At Guardian Mortgage, we believe in using technology to simplify our lives, keeping in mind that relationships drive a successful business. We hope that some of these apps keep your business growing and encourage you to contact us to speak to a real person about residential mortgages.

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