Create a Listing That Wows


The internet has changed nearly every industry today, including real estate. In addition to websites like Zillow, Trulia, and others, there are now even sites to help you boost your listings like Tour Factory and Listing Booster. So, in many ways the internet and modern technology have made buying and selling homes easier. But, they have also made the market more competitive.

If you haven’t already, it is worth spending some time on these sites to gain an understanding of the competition and get ideas for how you can help your client’s home stand out. It’s all about catching people’s attention, which is why it is more important than ever to make a listing no one will want to scroll past. 

To Stage or Not to Stage 

Potential buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the home and there are many factors to consider. Is your seller moving prior to selling? Will people be able to imagine their furniture in the empty rooms? Some people have a hard time visualizing many things, even as simple as paint color. So we recommend demonstrating the best potential of the home by staging. There are many third party vendors that know how to put the perfect touch on your listing. Check out these before and after photos from PJ & Company. Staging can also save you from having awkward conversations with your client about specific furniture or paintings that were purchased for their taste, but others may not find appealing. If staging is an expense your client does not want to absorb, it may be something you consider offering as part of your service. However, you get to the final result, remember it is important to make the space feel open, clean, and clutter-free so that potential buyers can easily imagine themselves in it.  

Photography Matters

Photography has never been more important to real estate agents than it is today. Likely people are looking at your listings on their phone, so their attention span is short and your listings need big, beautiful photos to stand out. And that starts with hiring the right photographer. An experienced professional is your best bet at getting the best photos. They’ll have the right equipment and know exactly how to light each area of the house to make it shine. 

If you’re working with a professional photographer, they’ll know a lot about how to properly light a house. But if you’re working with someone new to photographing homes, it can help to remember these tips about lighting. Depending on the season and if there’s ample sunlight, get those curtains drawn and let the natural light shine throughout the house. Also, make sure every light bulb is on in the house for the photoshoot and that they’re all the same temperature or hue of light. We have also found these quick tips helpful.

Picture Imperfect

Now, the goal with every listing is to paint a picture of the perfect home. After all, you’re trying to capture people’s attention and make them notice. Even then, it’s best not to do too much Photoshop or retouching work on your listings photos. This creates an unrealistic image of the home you’re selling and could turn potential buyers away if they find out the photos weren’t a real representation of the home. 

Feels Like Home

People need to picture themselves living in the home. A compelling listing is what’s needed to get them to look at the home in person, but the actual visit is when they will either envision themselves in the home or move on. The listing is key in getting them to take the next step.

The photos of your listing is a vital first impression and it’s worth the time and effort to paint a powerful picture.