Does your loan originator work as hard as you do?


Selling real estate is a rewarding career choice, but it's a highly competitive, get-it-done-yesterday business. That's why it's important to team up with a loan originator who works as hard as you do. Here’s what you and your clients deserve and should expect from a dedicated loan professional.


Fast turn times from pre-qualification to closing.

Since a loan pre-qualification doesn't require underwriter approval, a skilled loan originator can provide these in days, not weeks. They're essential when you and your client are ready to make an offer on a home.

New clients who haven't found their dream home can also benefit from a loan pre-qualification.  It will tell them how much home they can comfortably afford. This makes it easier for you to present the right properties to the client.

After a contract is accepted, your loan originator and underwriter will help you finalize your sale quickly. For example, instead of waiting for a buyer to produce bank documents and paystubs, your originator may be able to verify a buyer's assets and employment digitally in just minutes.

Reliable status reports and on-time closings.

Although there are some factors that can delay a closing, your buyer's loan shouldn't be one of them. A reputable lender employs trained underwriters who keep everyone updated on the status of each buyer's loan. You should never be left hanging, unable to update a client about the status of a major financial transaction.

Guardian Mortgage sends an automatic email status update during each step of the loan process. You and your clients will never have to guess where you stand. And when you or your buyer have questions, your loan originator is just a phone call away, ready to assist during the entirety of the loan, even after closing.

Communications that cover all the bases.

Status updates are important, but the best originators also help you prospect for new clients. They'll offer to attend your Open House events so they can discuss financing with interested visitors, and provide you with details of new loan products as soon as they're available.

Occasionally a client's loan application will be declined. When this happens, your originator will inform you immediately. A fast response gives you time to look for solutions, and a proactive loan originator will help you find them. For example, if a client doesn't qualify because of insufficient income, they may still qualify to buy a lower-priced property.

Assistance and advice with appraisals.

Although Fannie Mae guidelines prohibit lenders and sellers from discussing property values with an appraiser, your loan originator can still tell you what to expect. For example, if your buyer's pre-qualified for an FHA, VA or USDA loan, these require more than an appraisal. These also require inspections for health and safety. In addition, if your buyer receives a property appraisal that you feel is inaccurate, a savvy originator will review it with you and help you decide if contesting it is a wise move.

Service you can take to the bank.

Building a strong business relationship with the right loan expert helps you take your services to your clients to a new level, especially when you're helping them buy their first home. And you can look forward to receiving levels of support that enables you to perform at your best every day.

If you're not working with a Guardian Mortgage, visit our website to find the closest loan originator to you.