New Year’s Resolution Success: Achieve Your 2022 Home Goals

2022 goals sign

As the calendar turns to a new year, resolutions on self-improvement launch to the forefront of our minds. If your 2022 goals include home maintenance, home improvement, or movement, we’ve got you covered.


Determine Your Top Three Goals for 2022


Polls* show that nearly two in five Americans make New Year’s resolutions. However, the vast majority of people will fail at meeting their desired goals.


Setting your focus is one key to success. Instead of working toward a long list of goals, narrow your goals down to your top three. Better yet, try to make these goals build on one another. For example, if you accomplish the first goal, you’ll be prepared to accomplish the second goal. Then take these goals one at a time.


What goals are important for you to accomplish this new year? Do you want to:

  • Buy a new home?
  • Pay down your mortgage?
  • Upgrade your home?
  • Lower your monthly bills?
  • Improve your physical fitness?

Maybe the most important thing on your to-do list for 2022 is buying a new home. If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of blog posts to help you increase your homebuying and mortgage loan knowledge as you embark on your journey toward a new house. It’s an exciting time. This time often takes patience as you move through the steps of homebuying, including mortgage loan approval, finding your dream home, negotiation and closing. Having the right team of lenders and real estate professionals on your side can make all the difference in today’s tight market. Your Guardian Mortgage professionals are here to help.


If your top goal is paying down your current mortgage, Guardian Mortgage’s Existing Mortgage Payoff Calculator can help you do so. By entering information about your current mortgage into the tool, the calculator can show you how contributing an additional amount of money every month to your mortgage will shorten the life of your loan.


Looking to upgrade and update your home? Renovate With Character’s infographic suggests a timeline for improvements.

  • The winter may be the best time for additions, as workers are in lower demand and the weather conditions are best for pouring concrete.
  • Spring and early summer are optimal for DIY outdoor projects.
  • Use vacation time as bathroom renovation time so you’re not without a bathroom while at home.
  • And when contractors’ schedules lighten up late in the year, kitchen remodels could be ideal.

Are you focused on your finances in 2022 and desire to lower your bills? Guardian Mortgage’s Four Money-Saving Tips for Winter could help you do that in the early part of the year. And if you’re committed to improving your fitness this year, check out our blog post on achieving success through a home gym, to see how exercising at home could not only help you achieve your fitness goals but add to the value of your home.


Say “Yes” To Help From Technology


When it comes to tracking your progress, finding inspiration, and staying on top of deadlines, you’re not alone! Technology can help you.

A variety of apps exist to help you track progress toward meeting your goals. Check out Lifehack for seven goal tracking apps that could support your efforts to succeed.


If you’re looking for home improvement inspiration, head online to Houzz. It’s a great option for finding inspiration, products or materials for your home improvements, and redesigns.

Calendars are great for keeping you on top of deadlines and timelines … like those home improvement timelines we mentioned earlier. Whether you use the aforementioned infographic or a timeline tailored to your personal needs, days can turn into weeks and months quickly. Don’t let big deadlines creep up on you. Utilize your phone’s calendar or an online to-do list to send you reminders of dates that you’ve noted as important.


Know Yourself and Set Realistic Goals

An easy way to set yourself up for failure is to set unattainable goals, and then get discouraged when they don’t come to fruition. Recognize what has helped you achieve goals in the past (or held you back from success), and keep these in mind when setting realistic goals for 2022.

Then set realistic and attainable goals that will work for you. Many people like to use the SMART method of goal setting. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. By creating detailed goals, you help set yourself up for success.

It may also be helpful to break down big goals into smaller steps – very similar to creating goals that build on one another. For example, say one of your big goals for 2022 is to enlarge the square footage of your home with an addition. What is one piece of that addition that must be completed first? You might start with making a goal to secure funding, then find an architect and contractor, etc. By breaking a big goal into smaller steps, your project becomes more manageable and less overwhelming.

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time. The new year brings with it chances for a fresh start and the possibility of all that can occur over time. If you need help setting your home goals for 2022, contact your Guardian Mortgage professional. We’re here to help you every step of the way.


* “Nearly two in five Americans have a New Year’s Resolution planned for 2021, IPSOS, December 8, 2020