Partnering with Guardian Mortgage’s Loan Originators Can Increase Your Business

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We’ve talked about how important relationships are, and in the real estate business it is no different. In fact, they are more than important, they are a crucial element of a successful business. People often think of the key relationships as: agent / buyer and buyer / mortgage provider. But what about the relationship between agent and mortgage provider? It is important that you’re working with partners you trust and respect.

So, why partner with Guardian? We greatly value customer service and love the satisfaction of helping people purchase their first, second, or dream homes. Even more than that, we love partnering with agents who feel the same way. Plus, partnering with a Guardian Mortgage loan originator can possibly increase your business – and what’s not to love about that?

Constant Updates

From the time your client has signed an offer to the time they close, there is no such thing as “too many” updates. We all know the closing process is long and can feel drawn out if you are not informed. Which is why we work to update you as often as we can, every step of the way. When you work with us, you can expect constant updates via phone calls, emails, texts and even through our app. The more updates you and your customers receive, the less time you have to spend hunting down the answers to their questions. We find that regular communication eases customers’ minds and makes them feel more confident and comfortable throughout the process. This also leaves them with a good impression of you, which opens up the possibility of future business or referrals.

Customer Assurance

This is crucial. Buying or selling a home is a huge deal – something customers don’t, and shouldn’t, take lightly. Which is why we take customer assurance seriously. One way we do that is by retaining 98% of mortgages we originate. Meaning, we won’t close on a mortgage and then auction it off to another bank. This means the customer service we are known for doesn’t leave the customer after closing. If they have questions on payments in the future, need to update their escrow account, etc., our same team is here to assist them. And once we have you listed as their agent, we will remind you about milestones or significant events that serve as opportunities to reach out to them, like their birthday for example (Yes, we love to wish our customers and yours a happy birthday!).

Split Marketing Costs

At Guardian we recognize that your clients and our clients represent the same target audience. To help minimize your marketing cost due to potential duplication of efforts, Guardian can partner with you on postcards, flyers, and other items with fixed costs locked in at best prices. Our co-branding strategies are sure to widen the net for both parties.

Priority Products

And, finally, one of the biggest ways we can help increase your business is through our priority mortgage products. We’re proud of the range of mortgages and programs we offer because it makes the dream of home ownership a reality for more and more people. And that wide range of offerings means you’re able to find and work with even more customers who want to buy a home. You can learn more about all the different ways to make homeownership a reality for your customers by viewing our loan options page.

More often than not, the key to a successful business is strong partnerships. The reason we believe we’re such a strong partner is because we put our customers, and yours, at the heart of what we do. More than just saying it, we prove it every day with our customer service and our range of mortgage programs. So, if you feel like you’re one good partner away from even more success, we’d love to show you why you need to look no further than Guardian Mortgage.