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Is A Refinance Right For You?

Guardian offers a fast, free Mortgage Checkup to assess your current mortgage. Based upon this checkup, you might discover that a refinance is right for you. 

Potential Benefits of Refinancing:

  • Shorten your loan's term
  • Eliminate your mortgage insurance
  • Leverage your home equity
  • Convert an ARM to a Fixed-rate loan
  • Home improvements
  • Consolidate a 1st and 2nd lien

Our Home Refinance Calculator can help you estimate how much you may save by refinancing. 
To get the number without using the calculator above, you can simply divide your current loan balance by $10,000 and multiply that number by the monthly, annual, or 3-year savings.

Interest Savings on Each $10,000 Borrowed

Mortgage Rate ReductionMonthlyAnnualOver 3 Years

Ready to get started?

All that is needed to review your current mortgage is your current mortgage balance and interest rate, and your property address. You’ll receive an expert evaluation with details of your opportunities for savings, including estimates of how much you may save with certain programs.

Consult your Guardian Mortgage loan originator for details.(Opens in a new window) Certain terms and restrictions apply. Program available only to qualified borrowers. Program subject to change without notice. Underwriting terms and conditions apply. Some restrictions may apply. FICO and tradeline requirements. Final inspection when required.